Frequently asked questions of the Atelier Oeno'ludique


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions relating to our Workshops.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other question.


Is there an age limit for participating in an Oeno'ludique Workshop?


For the Initiation Workshops, anyone of legal drinking age (16) is welcome. They are suitable for everyone, whatever your age.

For the Animation Workshops, even children or people who do not consume alcohol can participate. It is enough to warn us at least 3 days before. However, we recommend a minimum age of 5 years. Before this age, children have less vocabulary. Please note: no drop of wine will be served to children under 16, even accompanied by their parents.


I am not a wine connoisseur, can I participate in the Workshops?


Our "Discovery & Initiation to Wine Tasting" Workshops are made for anyone wishing to learn more about their senses and about wine. Both beginners and initiates are welcome.

Our Animation Workshops are accessible to all and are classified by level of difficulty.


Where do our Workshops and Animations take place?


The Initiation Workshops take place in Lavaux (Riex) in places steeped in winegrowing history or outdoors with a view of the vineyard if the weather permits. These Workshops can also be privatized at the location of your choice. We travel throughout Switzerland.


Our Animation Workshops can take place according to your request with our partner winegrowers depending on room availability. They can also be done at home, in a room you have chosen or in a restaurant. The principle of L'ATELIER Oeno'ludique is to be itinerant, take advantage of it.


What are the differences between an Initiation Workshop and an Animation Workshop?


Our Initiation Workshops: to learn or improve.

Our Workshops, placed under the sign of discovery and pleasure, will offer you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and:

  • Introduce you to tasting in a fun and interactive way: “Discovery & initiation” workshop

  • Improve, progress and learn to consume better: "Thematic workshops"


Our Animation Workshop: to discover, share and have fun .

  • For individuals: Birthdays, bachelorette party, wine-dating, after-work, special occasion.

  • For companies: Team-building, retirement, company outing.


I received a gift voucher, how can I attend a Workshop?


You just need to register here . You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive new dates regularly.


Who will be our facilitator during the Workshops?


Constance, an oenologist by training and working on a family estate in Lavaux, will be present at all events except in exceptional cases (illness, last-minute prevention, etc.).


For events with more than 25 people, Constance has to call on other professionals (winegrowers, oenologists, sommeliers or people trained in-house) to ensure the smooth running and interactions with the participants.


How do I pay for my order or my workshop?


Payment can be made online with a card (Visa, MasterCard) or via paypal.

You can request the payment offline. In this case, the payment will be made by transfer via BV or e-banking.

With welQome vouchers: when ordering, please specify the voucher number.


What measures are taken against covid-19?


Since June 6, 2020 and the resumption of the Workshops, the public Workshops are covid-compatible with the same rules as the restaurants. If the Canton of Vaud or the confederation close the restaurants, then the workshops will be canceled / postponed.

For all workshops / private events, the distance conditions with the facilitator must be respected. The conditions within the group (maximum number of people per event or per table, wearing a mask, etc.) will be adapted according to the rules in force. A protection plan can be established especially for your event depending on the number of people and your desires.

Here is the workshop protection plan (updated to October 31, 2020):

Information sent to participants of public workshops:

"Here are some rules to follow so that everything goes well and in the best possible sanitary conditions:

- You all come by one or two and the tables will be spaced at the maximum to respect the distances of 1.5m between each "minigroup of 1 or 2 people".

- Mandatory tracing, a telephone number will be requested upon arrival, kept for 14 days and then destroyed.

-Mask mandatory as long as you are not seated at the table and when traveling (toilets, breaks, other).

-Maintain the distances of 1.5 m between you (whether with or without a mask, there is plenty of room): for this, you will sit directly on your table in the places provided.

-Distance of 4m with the others during a cigarette break outside.

-Wash your hands or hydroalcoholic gel upon arrival. Thank you for coming with your gel and your mask.

- Bottles of water as well as meal trays will be provided for each minigroup of 1-2 people.

-All surfaces are disinfected before your arrival, a disinfectant available in the toilets. The airy room. I put on a mask for all preparations as well as when serving wine.

-If I have to taste, I will keep 2 to 3 m away from you without a mask.



Hygiene plan for the preparation of workshops and events:

-Air the room at least 3 x 15 minutes on the day of the workshop

-Spacing - measure the spaces between tables and chairs at least 1.5m between people who do not live under the same roof.

-Propose disinfectant in several places (entrance - toilets)

-disinfection of tables - chairs - handles - work surface on the day of the workshop

- wearing the mask during all preparations and during the workshop (excluding tasting)

-visible ofsp panels

- if wine tasting - keep 3m distance from the participants

- clean laundry specially used for clean dishes and hand disinfection + wearing a mask when emptying the dishwasher. 25min cycle at high temperature

-3 days of non-use of equipment between groups (glassware)

-cleaning of wipes - linens - tablecloths at 60 ° C in long cycle

-Ensure non-contact between the small groups present

- provide entertainment only seated

-no buffet or other idea that would induce any contact between people not living under the same roof

-cancel the workshops in case of the slightest symptom on myself

-social life outside workshops extremely limited and contactless less than 1.5m