The concept

Constance, oenologist and passionate


After 6 years of studying agronomy, viticulture and oenology, Constance trains a panel of expert tasters for a group of cooperative cellars in the Loire Valley for a year. She will then join her lover to take over a small family estate in Lavaux.

In 2014, Constance met Angélique, sommelier at a wine fair. Together, they embark on a great adventure: Create fun workshops to learn about wine tasting with ease and pleasure.


Constance, will take over the Workshop alone in July 2017. She will be happy to share her knowledge with you.

Constance Helbecque - Oenologue au Domai
lavaux dégustation vin partenaires atelier du vin
To each his own Workshop, everywhere and at any time

Customised events because each client is unique.


To satisfy you, we take into account all your criteria (type of place, type of food, need for additional services, budget, duration, dates ...). The Atelier Oeno'ludique is itinerant and autonomous anywhere in Switzerland.



Our great project: making wine accessible to everyone

Some Ateliers Oeno'ludiques  from simple animation to experts workshops.


Are you fascinated by the world of wine? Would you like to broaden your knowledge of the art and the way of tasting?

L'Atelier Oeno'ludique offers you complete and accessible Workshops for anyone who wants to learn more about wine in a simple way.


These Workshops, placed under the sign of discovery and pleasure, will offer you the opportunity to acquire new knowledge while initiating you in a playful and interactive way. As mysterious as it is delicious, learn the techniques of wine tasting, learn how to put words to your sensations and appreciate wine at its true value.

Discover, learn or improve your wine tasting skills, we will bring out the most beautiful wines of Switzerland for you.

Sharpen your senses and let yourself be surprised by all that a bottle of wine can hold.

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lavaux dégustation vin partenaires atelier du vin
Local wine and a qualitative approach from our partners: a priority


For you, we select independent winegrower partners respectful of the environment, having a qualitative approach in the development of their wines.



Natural smells: For better sensations

To recognize the aromas, it is necessary above all to know them.


To better explain aromas and teach you to recognize them in wine, we work with natural smells that you find in everyday life. It is essential for us to make you recognize aromas that you already know. Through simple and fun exercises, you will learn how to use your senses and experience wine like you never have before.