a target

a target

unWINEable or how to become an expert on wines

  • Goal

    On the program of this Workshop, comparative tastings focused on subjects such as the barrel, the carafe, the temperature or the choice of glassware. At home, service and wine tasting will take place in optimal conditions. An enriching workshop intended for the pleasure of the table and that of your guests. Reserved for connoisseurs to go further.

  • Useful information

    Dates: at your convenience

    Location: possible anywhere in Switzerland

    Duration: 2h00 to 2h30 Number of people: from 4 to 60 people

    Price: from 60 .- / person

    Audience: For anyone familiar with wine who is of legal drinking age

  • Details

    This animation includes:

    • Interactive quiz on wine, senses and wine service

    • Natural smells recognition game

    • Comparative tasting of 3 series of 2 wines (6 wines in total)


    The proposed price does not include:

    • The possible location (from 0.- to 600.- for the group according to the request)

    • Travel beyond 30km from Riex (count 2 .- / km additional)

    • Snacks or meals (from 3.- to 35 .- / pers. Depending on demand)

PriceFrom CHF600.00