"Wine is a teacher of taste, it is the liberator of the spirit and the illuminator of the intelligence" (Paul CLAUDEL)

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Let's compose your event together:

Energise your team with our entertainment tools that promote group cohesion and share a unique experience in a friendly spirit. For an after-work, an end-of-year meal, a product launch, a break during a seminar, to liven up the aperitif after a conference or a special occasion, offer your customers or employees a fun Oeno'ludique Workshop in the form of Team-building.


From simple entertainment to a turnkey evening, we offer entertainment from 1 hour to the whole day and can take care of finding a venue, caterer or restaurant for you as well as many other services.

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The place

at your place or our

The number of people

from 6 to ...

Date and time


Your budget

Your desires

yours !

The proposed themes (depending on your level and the time of year)

Gifts for winning teams

Examples of gifts offered for team game winners:


  • Bottle (s) of L'Atelier Oeno'ludique wine

  • Bottle (s) of wine from our winegrower partners

  • Pot Vaudois and its box

  • Bottle (s) of wine labeled with the name of your event

  • The Little Taster's Manual written by Constance

  • Gift voucher for an introductory wine tasting workshop

  • Gift voucher for "an Oeno'ludique Workshop at home"

  • Lot of black glasses or blind tasting socks

  • ...